Thursday, June 4, 2009

Something So Strong

Long before I met my present Kiwi love, and long long before I actually wanted to be a Kiwi - I was smitten with Neil Finn!

Referred to as New Zealand's "King of Pop", Neil Finn is one of New Zealand's most famous exports. A brilliant solo career, Crowded House, Split Enz and teaming up with his brother Tim, he has been on our radio ever since I can remember.

I first saw Neil in 1980! (am I really THAT old!) I was a high school student and I went to the Sporting True Colours concert - The Sports and Split Enz. Anyway to cut a long story short I have "loved" him ever since.

I do seldom play his music these days and always manage to see him whenever he comes to Brissy (only in concert unfortunately!).

I bring this up because I am presently compiling a new cd for my next New Zealand trip. Each year, before we head off to NZ, we all choose a few favourite tracks and add them to our "Travel CD". I love doing this. Music is much like smell, it evokes strong memories. Each time I play one of our old cds, it brings back some special memory from one of our trips.

Of course, this year again, I will choose a few of my favourite Neil Finn tracks, and hopefully no one will groan too loudly at their inclusion. After all, what would a trip to New Zealand be without Neil coming along for the ride?

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