Monday, June 8, 2009

The Best Job in the World!

I have found my dream job - move over Qld Tourism - New Zealand is offering its own "best job in the world"
Job title says it all - World Famous New Zealand Expert on everything New Zealand.
Now I don't profess to be an expert of EVERYTHING New Zealand but I am a quick learner.
The job description can be found on (New Zealand's answer to EBay) posted by Entirely Kiwi.
Job role: Your role will be to travel the length of New Zealand, meeting with our suppliers, clients and the occasional possum and promoting Entirely Kiwi to the world through any means possible, and telling everyone exactly why New Zealand is the best country in the world - beyond the obvious fact that it is.

I am thinking they want some young, enthusiastic, bungee jumping, ski diving, snowboarding all round adventurer here, but I will be quick to point out that angle has been done over and over!

Every program on New Zealand aired in Australia depicts New Zealand as some adrenalin junkie's dream - and sure it is, but New Zealand is so much more. I think it is about time New Zealand was also thought of as the perfect family destination. Families on average spend way more than any young single/couple travelers.

OK I can't give away too much of my application angle, I don't want anyone else to win! Although, not sure what I will do with 4 children and a very busy business in Brisbane, if I do win! But I am certainly up for the challenge.

Come on, Entirely Kiwi, if you want more Australian families to visit New Zealand, pick me, pick me! With cheaper than every air travel, a fantastic exchange rate, and Aussie Shona rooting for you, you just can't go wrong!

Want to read the whole job description?

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